dimanche 25 novembre 2012

Detachment — Strange Simple Drama — 9*/10

Detachment starts in confusion. It's difficult to get a grip on the movie's MO at first. It has a documentary feel, yet it has acting which clashes strongly in the beginning because of the over strong feelings the characters go through of which we have no clue. The poetic/philosophic vibe seems out of place, the characters too sketchy, but eventually, a symphony emerge, and tragedy ensues.

It is harsh, it is realistic, it is undiplomatic, but at the same time, carries strong moral values, basic ones, not made up religious nonsense. Excellent acting, good editing, nice soundtrack, and great visual. You'll love the characters, all of them, even flawed, by the end.

Watch it, endure the rough beginning, it will all make sense, I promise.