mardi 29 janvier 2013

Love Actually — Watch different kinds of love all inter weaved — 10*/10

Love Actually is a clever tapestry of different kinds of love, each somehow related to one another, yet independent. That kind of weaving is an art. Too disparate and the piece looses cohesion. Too tight and you can't differentiate the threads. In this particular case, it is done right.

Each story is interesting and present us with various facets of love. They are all sweet, but sometimes sad, and a few times funny. You get easily attached to all the characters who are all very well acted in this star studded cast and rendered with depth and subtle emotions.

It's difficult not to fall in love with these wonderful stories, and there are virtually no flaws in this film, especially when it comes to the scenario, editing, and photography.

The only things that might distract you from seeing it is if you need action to watch a movie, if you can only watch a movie set around Christmas time during December, or if such kind of life weaving doesn't interest you.

Otherwise, it's a must see.