mardi 30 avril 2013

Trance — Solid intrigue and good entertainment — 7*/10

Trance is a surprising movie that goes way beyond what the preview shows, and that's excellent for the viewer. It's a tangled web of reality.

The good. New developments at every turn. Tense story, and very imaginative. Good dialogs. Strong female character. The few seconds of hesitation at the very end are extremely well done.

The actors. James McAvoy, as the pawn turned amnesic, and Rosario Dawson, as the talented hypnotist, offer us each an incredibly good performance. And Vincent Cassel is surprisingly good, if still within his usual role.

The bad. The untangling of the story is not done very smoothly, unfortunately. The background story, when revealed, is told too quickly. It feels a bit pathetic. Sad, yes, but not as dramatic as it should be.

The ugly. I think that giving her a new lover was just unnecessary. The film would have been just fine if you cut that out of the end.

The result. See it, the story itself is worth the money.


lundi 29 avril 2013

Alien — This is what all space monster movies are based on, but could never match — 9*/10

Alien is a Ridley Scott masterpiece. It shook its audience when it came out several decades ago and it still does the same now. Any aspiring suspense director would do well to study this movie in depth.

The good. What makes this film as close to perfection as possible is the attention to the setup. It starts during the initial credits during which the simple visuals as well as the score puts you in the mood. It's slow and heavy with chills already. Then you get to know the environment. The crew wakes up, and you get to know them...

The pace throughout this flick is perfect. It's a slow climb to an ultimate peak of tension. The dialogs, the characters, the camera work, the editing, the script, the story, the background history... everything is meticulously done. Most special effects still hold the road even now, because they were extremely well done and used correctly.

The actors. Great selection for the cast, each member well adapted to its role. I'll simply mention the excellent work of Sigourney Weaver who's career was launched with this title, and Ian Holm who's performance is truly unforgettable.

The bad. The only reason I didn't give this movie a perfect score was because some of the technology is getting old. The size of the main computer. The many blinking lights. And the text interface, to some extent. Only two special effect sequences are really getting old. The planet-side landing of the ship. The triple explosion with the sheet of fire.

The rest can easily be imagined as some sub-standard rough industrial technology, a bit like what was done in Serenity (review yet to come), the crew having to deal with less than ideal conditions or hardware.

The ugly. Nothing. This is very close to perfection, if somewhat old.

The result. Horror, shivers, and sweats guaranteed. See it.


Shoot 'Em Up — A firefight with a scenario to prop it up — 6*/10

Shoot 'Em Up is a cavalcade of bullets. You have to go past the veil of smoking guns to find an interesting style of dark humor done in a nonchalant and gory way.

The good. Lots of action. A beautiful woman. An unstoppable good guy.

The actors. Clive Owen, though a limited actor, is at his best here as the stoic effective killer with a good heart. Paul Giamatti's ruthless and cunning bad guy could not have been played by anyone else, that's how good he is. Monica Bellucci is again consecrated as the impossibly seductive femme fatale with the charming accent.

The bad. Seeing through a body. Not realistic enough body part props from time to time. And the film's intro is too abrupt and seems a bit flimsy or clumsy compared to the rest. The audience could have benefitted from being easy into this world of blood and violence.

The ugly. The skydiving fight.

The result. A brain dead action flick with its own sense of style. Not everybody will like the way it's built, though. However, the exchanges between Owen and Giamatti as well as those between Owen and Bellucci are elevating this film enough to make it watchable multiple times.


The Postman — After destroying itself how can society get back up on its feet — 7*/10

The Postman is a post-apocalypse survival movie geared toward society and what it means to be a society.

The good. The settings are well chosen and built. Great main characters with nicely developing personas. Interesting story. Good pace. The intro is solid and really puts us in the right mood.

The actors. Kevin Costner is a great fit for his role as a loner surviving on his wits. Olivia Williams is disarmingly charming as the sweet girl with a budding iron determination. Will Patton makes us hate his egocentric character right away. You can't help but get attached to Larenz Tate as the over eager young man looking for meaning to his life. Daniel von Bargen as the suspicious sheriff is just right. And finally, Giovanni Ribisi in the small role of an almost psychotic blind follower is astounding.

The bad. Just a few things. Galloping horses before the siege. Really? You needed to do that to build the tension before the attack? The cable ride. A horse would have been just as good.

The ugly. The 30 years later ending. Fuck that! It ruined the movie. Cut it out and it's an additional star, easy.

The result. The length of the movie is not for everybody, but it's good entertainment.


dimanche 28 avril 2013

The Romantics — Complex relationships casting a shadow over the reasons we marry — 8*/10

The Romantics presents a wedding occasion that is as messy, as complicated, and as unglamorous as life really is without exaggerations. It's a sad tale.

The good. Straight forward and realistic. Interesting story. Well built background history. Sound characters with real flaws and qualities. Nicely meshed lives. Very involved scenario. Solid ending.

The actors. Excellent cast. The best performances are given to us by the two opposites played by Katie Holmes and Anna Paquin. However, let's not forget the solid performances by Josh Duhamel as the top dog groom, Malin Akerman as the flaky actress, Elijah Wood as the messed up brother, and Candice Bergen as the anxious mother.

The bad. It's stark, so it's probably not for everyone.

The ugly. I can't find anything.

The result. A film that captures your attention for its realism.


The Guest House — B movie about two girls falling in love — 3*/10

The Guest House is a B movie because every aspects is of lower quality than an A movie, yet holds up better than a C movie. B movies usually feels like draft of A movies, and that's what it feels like, a draft.

The Tournament — Avoid, only the action is worth anything, and that's stretching it — 3*/10

The Tournament is a poorly put together movie. I barely watched it to the end, and that's because I'm curious. Avoid, even if you're a Ving Rhames or Robert Carlyle fan.


samedi 27 avril 2013

Elektra Luxx — Very light entertainment, but still appreciable — 6*/10

Elektra Luxx is about sex and hot women, and set just after Women in Trouble (WIT), but not as interesting.

The good. An interesting, if not captivating, story. Beautiful women. Lots of things happening. Some laughs, a bit of drama, and sexiness.

The actors. Carla Gugino gives us a good performance as Elektra. I wonder if it's the limit of her acting capabilities. Adrianne Palicki is hilarious as the challenged beauty, while Emmanuelle Chriqui completes her admirably. And finally, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is just right as the obsessed blogger.

The bad. Using an actor for two different role. Not as good as WIT, and still portraying a career in the sex industry as something base.

The ugly. That bath scene with the virgin Mary. Badly shot and edited, with horrible sound take, and it doesn't even bring that much to the story.

The result. Nice entertainment, especially if you want to find out what happens after WIT. More geared toward men, even if it still empowers women.


vendredi 26 avril 2013

Malèna — What a woman has to go through in life if she doesn't fit — 6*/10

Malèna is the story of being too alluring in a small town during World War 2.

The good. Very nice settings. Well rounded characters. A nice point of view. Attaching scenario. Good score.

The actors. Monica Bellucci plays her role to perfection, but it doesn't stretch her abilities much since her role is almost silent and relies heavily on her beauty, except for one very dramatic scene. It's a small if central role for her. Giuseppe Sulfaro plays his role just right. The rest of the cast seems to be playing it a bit over caricatural, but it looks to be part of the vision of the director, unless I'm just not getting some flavor of the Italian culture, which could honestly be the case.

The bad. Although the story is interesting, it's a bit bland. It brings together a lot of different ideas that have been treated in other movies, so there's nothing really new.

The ugly. Nothing ugly if only the actions of the townspeople.

The result. A slice of life of a small Italian town during the last great war with lots of gossips.


jeudi 25 avril 2013

Les saveurs du Palais — Plongé pour un instant derrière les coulisses — 7*/10

Les saveurs du Palais raconte une histoire assez simple d'une manière assez succincte. L'introduction comme la conclusion sont très courtes, on plonge immédiatement dans le sujet et on en ressort tout aussi rapidement. Le scénario ne se préoccupe que d'une chose: l'expérience du personnage principal dans la cuisine privée du Palais. On ne nous présente que bien peu d'autres agréments. On ne voit que ses actions alors qu'elle tente de faire sa place pour répondre à l'appel du Président.

Catherine Frot et Arthur Dupont sont tous deux parfait dans leur rôle et nous font baigner dans leur recherches culinaires sans efforts. Cependant, les acteurs jouant le président et la journaliste font piètre performance, et c'en est bien triste.

L'histoire est intéressante, le sujet inédit, et le scripte bien monté. En tout, c'est un bon film, mais il nous laisse presque en suspend. La conclusion est là, mais en plus d'être courte, elle arrive très abruptement. Il n'y a pas vraiment de crescendo qui y mène.

Je le recommande tout de même. C'est un petit film qui se prend bien. La simplicité du personnage se reflète solidement dans le montage.


mercredi 24 avril 2013

Erreur de la Banque en Votre Faveur — Le monde de la finance et de tous les jours — 8*/10

Erreur de la Banque en Votre Faveur est un film que l'on peut facilement imaginé comme une histoire vraie. Les événements, les réactions, et les personnages sont très crédibles. Un petit peu d'intrigue financière, un soupçon de romance, une larme de drame, plusieurs bons éclats de rires, et une trame captivante.

L'histoire est simple et bien racontée. On ne cherche pas à tout expliquer ou à en mettre trop épais. On se laisse facilement portée. Les dialogues sont fins et sans exagération. Les interprétations des acteurs sont parfois légèrement exagérées, mais sans plus, et surtout, sans gêner.

Un léger divertissement aux frais du monde de la finance. À voir.


Ruby Sparks — Beware what you long for, you might not like what you will do — 8*/10

Ruby Sparks is a refreshing take on the romance movie.

The good. It takes the road less traveled with many situation where you'd react exactly the same even though it starts with your basic love lorn guy. The dialogs are interesting. The characters are well developed with good emotional depth and very down to earth realistic reactions. The scenario has many unusual takes. The story is interesting and once you're on board, you want to know what's coming next.

The actors. Paul Dano is incredibly well suited to his role and gives us an incredible performance easily showing us the depth of his character. Zoe Kazan is just as well suited to interpret her complex role. She makes us laugh, love, and cringe as if she had cast a spell on us.

The meh. I'm not sure the end scene in the park is appropriate, seems easy, but Dano sells it us so well, we have no choice but accept it.

The bad and the ugly. Nothing really.

The result. The movie is very light in term of cast and set, but it seems fairly appropriate to the subject. So don't expect stunning deployment or action and you'll have a good experience.


mardi 23 avril 2013

The Croods — A brutish family on a surprising and dangerous hike — 7*/10

The Croods is a good prehistoric roller coaster ride. Think Ice Age, but much better.

The good. Incredibly well done and well used 3D. Very colorful and excellent animation. Extremely imaginative world that has nothing to do with our past. Funny action and dialogs. Good voice acting. Surprising story, with a perception twist near the end.

The actors. Nice choices of voice. Nicolas Cage gave a surprisingly good performance. Ryan Reynolds was just right for his role as was Emma Stone.

The bad. I would have cut the last minute pet race. Pointless candy. The accumulation of pets and their rescue was a bit much. And the flying skeleton? Well, it's a cartoon.

The ugly. Nothing really ugly, everything had its place.

The result. Something the kids will enjoy a lot, while their parents have a good laugh.


The Descendants — A family in crisis slowly faces its problems — 8*/10

The Descendants is a sad movie, but not a desponding one.

The good. The scenario is very realistic. All the actions and reactions of the characters as well as their emotional state and the resulting dialogs are a good reflection of reality. All the personas have great depth and consistency. There are very nice twists and turns in the story that will surprise you.

The actors. A well chosen cast. George Clooney give us a very good interpretation of a guy who really wants to pick things up. Shailene Woodley is just right as the strong minded daughter of a strong minded woman. Amara Miller gives us a bit of youthful antics to alleviate things. Nick Krause is the unwilling toned down comic relief as the Hawaiian bum. Robert Forster is the perfect sour grand-father. And finally, Matthew Lillard and Judy Greer are surprisingly good in their small supporting role.

The bad. The Hawaiian music, I can't stand it. It's appropriate though, but it's not for me. Maybe it's for you.

The ugly. Nothing really. It's a well made movie.

The result. A slow pace movie with a nice realistic feel to it, plenty of emotions, and family issues. No great dramatic upheaval, no action, just straight story telling with a few surprises.


lundi 22 avril 2013

Armageddon — The Earth is to be obliterated and the US save the world — 6*/10

Armageddon was a blockbuster and still is good entertainment.

The good. Lots of action, explosions, heroics, and a taut suspense. You get cool gadgets, astronauts, one cosmonaut, some bad russian accent, a crazy crew, and an excellent score.

The actors. Bruce Willis is still in his action hero phase, not having yet matured, but still good. Billy Bob Thornton is right on target. Ben Affleck as yet to reach his peak, yet delivers a solid performance. Liv Tyler easily tugs at our heart strings. Steve Buscemi and Michael Clarke Duncan are hilarious and perfect. And finally, you don't see enough of Owen Wilson in his small role.

The bad. The amount of testosterone contained in this film could put an 80s East German female swimmer to shame. Logic, laws of physics, and general scientific thinking seemed to have been set aside to build the scenario. Nothing holds up to even the barest of scrutiny.

The ugly. That's some ultra US-centric flick. It's gag worthy. More over, the word "god" is repeated so many times, you'd think it's a recruiting video.

The result. Excellent brain dead explosive entertainment for the whole family. Don't expect more and you'll love it.


dimanche 21 avril 2013

Save the Last Dance — A real touching romance with interesting subjects — 8*/10

Save the Last Dance is a good romantic movie, and even though the characters are teens, the subjects treated apply as much for adults. So, it's not teen-centric. I'd say most guys will find their groove in it. There are beautiful women, hot dancing, and testosterone fueled conflicts. The romance is real, there's no Hollywood tricks, all of this could happen in real life.

The acting is excellent. Julia Stiles really got established in the eyes of a wider audience with this film, and for good reasons. Sean Patrick Thomas is solid. And Kerry Washington seems a natural as Chenille.

The story is touching and very interesting. The scenario doesn't run in a straight line, and it touches lot of subjects. The hip-hop and classical music is great. The dialogs are nice and smooth, realistic. The characters have nice emotional depth to them, some complexities, and good backgrounds.

Quite frankly, I gave only 8* because there are other movies I'd rather watch before this one, but I can't really find anything wrong with it.

If you want to see a simple touching romance that will have men interested to watch, this is for you.


samedi 20 avril 2013

Troy — Beautiful Greeks in incredible battle and fights — 7*/10

Troy is an action movie trying to extract all the influence of the gods from the Illiad in an attempt to rationalize the story as an historical event.

The action is grandiose, the story interesting, the scenario has a good pace, and the special effects are still acceptable by today's standard.

Brad Pitt, as Achilles, is at his sexiest and his most arrogant. Is rendition is probably close to what a invincible demigod would be like. Eric Bana is probably at his best in the role of a good hearted Hector. Brian Cox, as the power hungry Agamemnon, makes us hate his character like only he can do. Diane Kruger seems to struggle in her role lacking some fluidity. Orlando Bloom, as lacking talent as he does, probably did his best performance as the romantic, clueless, charming and cowardly Paris. Sean Bean is perfect as the valiant and cunning Odysseus. And finally, Saffron Burrows moves us with her lovingly tragic rendition of Andromache, Hector's wife.

Now, for a few bad things. The fighting, either man to man or on large scale, is not realistic, and neither are the armors, although they mostly respect the style of the time. Also, the rowing wouldn't be functional as depicted. However, most of that is just nitpicking, and the really annoying bit is that the dialogs, while not being dull, are weak for the most part.

If you want plenty of action in the time of the Greeks with beautiful people as actors, this should satisfy your needs. If you're a Brad Pitt or Orlando Bloom fan, it's made for you.


vendredi 19 avril 2013

Oblivion — A sad post-apocalyptic world, a wasteland for a lone technician — 8*/10

Oblivion is sci-fi hotness. It's not perfect, but it delivers great value.

The photography and the special effects are phenomenal. A must see in IMAX. The action is great. The  dialogs are good. The acting is just right. Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Olga Kurylenko, and Melissa Leo all performed without flaw.  The ideas behind the scenario are great, and the story is very interesting with nice rebounds. I would have like to explored this world to a greater depth. Very interesting.

An annoying little thing is that the backstory is not clear, and when an explanation comes from Freeman, it's just a bit too much "telling the audience".

Now, for the flaws. The end is pathetic. The "after" should have been cut out, and you'd have a great fade out. It's a scene that's just an unnecessary Hollywood gimmick. Also, the woman should be on the Tet not at the cabin.

I removed a full star for the "after", but beside that, the movie is a rock star. An incredible ride into a strange future.

I highly recommend it, especially to science-fiction fans. Do not miss it.


jeudi 18 avril 2013

Gnomeo and Juliet — Good fun for kids, but adults won't watch it more than once — 5*/10

Gnomeo and Juliet is a good animation movie for kids. Great colors, lots of things happening, silly stuff, and very expressive.

The garden gnome idea is excellent, with all the different gnomes and backyard fixtures, and how each courtyard has its own setup. It's a nice world with good dynamics.

The things that makes this film less attractive to adults is the blandness of the story and the dialogs. All too easy. More over, the Rome and Juliet parallel is badly chosen. There's been so many revision of that piece that it takes a good one to stand out, and this one is poor at best. If they had gone with a simple love story it would have been better. At least it wouldn't be a parody of what is a tragedy.


mardi 16 avril 2013

Admission — Light comedy about one's options in life — 6*/10

Admission will make any Tina Fey fan very happy. She's at her best, displaying her very unique style of comedy so well, that you'd think she wrote the script. Paul Rudd might not be at his greatest but he definitively plays his role well. Wallace Shawn is excellent as the dean of admission with just the right tone. Lily Tomlin is also very good, as a very unique mother. Michael Sheen is hilarious as the oddball partner.

Nice humor, nice pace, good ideas, and just a little silly.

The main drawback is that at time, it feels a bit light. Some of the plot items could have been delved a little more to get a better perspective.

Overall, it's nice entertainment.


Olympus Has Fallen — America is under attack, to hell with logic — 6*/10

Olympus Has Fallen is yet an other US president oriented flick. A ton of action and special effects with almost as many logical flaws.

The acting is good, particularly Morgan Freeman (to a lesser extent: Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart) and there's no denying the roller coaster ride, but it has many shortcomings. Aside from the usual suspension of disbelief, logic fails at almost every turn. Then there's the poor dialogs, the easy retorts, the one dimensional underdeveloped characters, the incredible body count, and the overly flag-centric pride.

It's action based entertainment for sure, but not much else.


The Watch — Silly stuff aplenty — 5*/10

The Watch is a silly movie. If you like the delirious antics of Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill, and Will Forte, then you'll like this flick.

It doesn't take itself seriously at all, and you shouldn't either. It's all about swearing, drinking, and sex, but twisted from the point of view of a family man, not a party animal or a college student. So the result is a tame adult suburban version of juvenile mayhem.

It's totally brainless and each character is at best a parody of a human being. Stiller is not as his silliest and a slim Hill seems to present us a more serious approach to his comedy style with his character, while Vaughn is his wild self.

Don't expect anything more than brainless humor, and you'll be happy watching it.


lundi 15 avril 2013

Ferris Bueller's Day Off — The best way to skip school and have fun in the 80s — 8*/10

Ferris Bueller's Day Off is a teen flick by John Hughes which became a cult movie and is now a classic.

Its genius lies in the direct perspective of the teen mind. It's not an exaggerated view in the sense that it is not trashy. It's just a dream day any teen would love to be able to pull off and Ferris the coolest dude everybody wants to know. Great story, well developed characters, and cool dialogs.

The only negative things I can say are that I find that Matthew Broderick's acting is sometime a bit off. While it gives his performance a certain flair and a very distinctive flavor, it can be distracting at time. Mia Sara is also part of the those little negative things. She's just not top notch in this film, unlike Alan Ruck and Jeffrey Jones. She had done better.

If you don't mind a trip back to the 80s, I recommend it.


Trouble with the Curve — A tenacious daughter and a grouchy mule-headed father — 7*/10

Trouble with the Curve is a father-daughter movie.

The acting is solid. You're quickly taken by the story and the characters who are well developed. The setup is quick. There's no lingering at any stage of the well paced scenario. The story is diversified, rich, and vibrant. The cast is scintillating. Clint Eastwood plays yet an other grouchy old man, but even grouchier, and plays it once again very well. Amy Adams is sweet and lovely with a demanding presence onscreen. Justin Timberlake act as hot as he usually does with a role that fits him very well. John Goodman complete the cast of friends with an other good performance. And finally, you just want to slap Matthew Lillard, as the overconfident asshole.

However the ending is weak. It should have ended before the boardroom with a simple closing of the chapter on the field. The way it was done is too sugary, and tying all those loose ends treats the audience as a simple minded pink-flavor junkie.

There's also a number of big clichés concerning the father-daughter relationship, as well as the workaholic, the hot new thing (and there are no less than three of them), and the quickly slipped in discovery of the unknown superstar.

Well worth seeing.


Playing for Keeps — Lots of clichés, but good acting — 5*/10

Playing for Keeps is a funny romantic comedy, that only the acting of Gerard Butler and Jessica Biel saved. It's too bad, because the main ideas are good.

The secondary stories are badly handled. It's terribly predictable. It's lots of romantic clichés and easy kids stuff, with a bad and very weak ending.

I would stand clear, but if somebody insist on seeing it with you, you'll probably manage to watch it all.


Hotel Transylvania — Excellent for the kids, but a simple story for adults — 6*/10

Hotel Transylvania is your basic let's do silly stuff for the kids flick.

Plenty of funny stuff, very imaginative ideas, and colorful animation. The voice acting is excellent. The scenario has a good pace. However, it has an embarrassingly simple story with lots of clichés, and the human is way too "hip".

If you're looking to turn your brain off, this might be for you.


mercredi 10 avril 2013

Just Go with It — A romantic comedy about a well meaning escalation of lies — 6*/10

Just Go with It is one of those romantic comedy that goes the silly way to try to prove that you need to commit to be happy, with the main character chasing the right girl the wrong way getting deeper and deeper into trouble.

The story is interesting, but it's a standard escalation of lies and attempts to maintain the fiction. The best acting performance is given by Jennifer Aniston. Adam Sandler does himself credit for making us laugh without resorting to his early career antics, but he has done better. Nicole Kidman is not at her best, but I suspect the role and probably the directorial inputs she was given are responsible for the result. The rest of the cast gives us an average performance, just like the movie itself.

It's acceptable entertainment if you like romantic comedy with silly streak. If you're a Aniston or Sandler fan, you should also feel at home. The others should pass.


dimanche 7 avril 2013

Hancock — A drunk anti-hero for laughs and action — 7*/10

Hancock is the odd super hero flick. You'll get a number of good laughs, some drama, and plenty of action.

Will Smith does an excellent job of playing the troubled brooding angry emotional anti-hero who doesn't give a fuck. The superb Charlize Theron gives us an other great emotional experience. And Jason Bateman is probably at his funniest as the kind hearted, right minded, tries as hard as he can good samaritan.

The scenes are well built, with nice connection between each of them. The dialogs are uproariously funny. The intrigued is well maintained. The action is interesting and diversified. The drama and the emotions are compelling, heart-tugging. And the setup is imaginative.

The real problem lies in the fact that the movie doesn't seem to know what it wants to be. The action and the special effects are clearly the biggest assets, but the scenario says it's a funny piece, up until the third act, where it changes to a dramatic story. It doesn't have a cohesive whole. It feels like an introduction without the followup story. Most super hero film introducing their main character will have more meat to offer. The worst scene is the one with the French speaking kid. Remove the accent and it works.

Still, it's great entertainment, especially if you like super heroes, action, or any of the principal actors.


vendredi 5 avril 2013

I Am Legend — The extinction of the human race, zombies everywhere — 7*/10

I Am Legend is an other spin on the zombie apocalypse. In this one, the emphasis is on the mental state of a survivor trying to find the cure and the ambience of New York three years down the road.

Will Smith does a great job of putting us in the boots of that recluse, and makes us feel everyone of his challenges. The set are well made. The story is interesting. The mood is riveting, especially the first time you see it. You're quickly immersed and taken for a ride.

Now for the negative. The CG animals are missing a tiny bit of realism, probably due to the limitations of the technology at the time. However, the biggest mistake is the ending. It should have stopped after the lab explosion. The rest is just post test screening adjustments crap.

If you like Will Smith, zombies, or post-apocalyptic situation, you'll be in for a nice ride. The rest of you should at least consider seeing it, it's worth your time.


jeudi 4 avril 2013

G.I. Joe: Retaliation — Generation X's childhood memories on steroid — 7*/10

G.I. Joe: Retaliation finally honors generation X's childhood after school memories. The cartoons were never this good, but then, we're much older and more demanding. Compared to the 2009 movie, it's much better.

The acting is actually good. It's not award winning, but it's enjoyable. The scenario isn't awe inspiring, but it doesn't take us for vegetables. The action is great. The special effects are perfect. There's a nice pace to the production. There's no big mistake.

However you need a strong suspension of disbelief, and you must ignore a certain number of logical flaws. More over, the 3D should have been scratched. It's not badly done, but it doesn't bring anything, and there's a few mistake including a number of in your face shoulders and one traveling action shot that was a bit too fast.

All in all, it's good action based entertainment.


mercredi 3 avril 2013

Alter Egos — Wanting to make an alternate hero flick without proper funding — 5*/10

Alter Egos is a low budget independent super hero movie. The lack of funds shows in the costume, the sets, and the special effects. The story is a bit simple as are the dialogs. It meets the bare minimum requirements for entertainment. There's nothing really bad about it, it's just not enough.


mardi 2 avril 2013

21 & Over — A party movie with very few original ideas — 5*/10

21 & Over is your typical party night gone wrong. Except for the teddy bear and the weird cheer crew, it doesn't bring anything new to the genre. However, if you exclude the last two scenes, the end is sort of surprising, but that's it. Everything else is barely average.

If you're looking for a party movie, you could probably enjoy it.


lundi 1 avril 2013

We Bought a Zoo — A good family entertainment based on a true story — 6*/10

We Bought a Zoo is a nice family movie that anyone can appreciate. It has some laughs, a bit of silliness, a dash or romance, a few dramatic scenes, but nothing really intense.

The story is interesting and very nice. The actors performed well within the tone of the film. It was a surprising role for Matt Damon, off his usual tense or broody characters. It wasn't his best performance, but he managed well. Scarlett Johansson also did a good job, and I think the one scene where she underperformed was a result of editing or directorial mistakes. Elle Fanning probably gave us the best performance of the cast as the awkward home schooled girl. I was also impressed by the little Maggie Elizabeth Jones who is totally adorable, and completely believable.

The most grievous mistake made in that flick, was the end. Bad. The coffee shop scene should have been cut out. Totally unnecessary and just there to satisfy film goers who have to get that extra perfection. A gagging bit, at best.

Overall, it's a bit fluffy, but it's good entertainment for the whole family. No disappointment.