vendredi 29 avril 2016

Criminal — A novel idea for the old spy action type flick with acceptable results — 6*/10

  • Story: Interesting ideas on the whole spy saving the world theme. Good action scenes. Interesting developments and setbacks.
  • Style: Good guy versus bad guys.
  • Pacing: Rapid with a few pause. Well done.
  • Ending: Weak. Should have stopped just before the jeep going to the beach.
  • Characters: Nice blend for the main character which is the strongest selling point for this flick. The rest are simple with most being crude archetypes.
  • Acting: Good considering the style. To the exception of the main character, they didn't have any room for great acting.
  • Known actors: Kevin Costner, Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds, Gary Oldman and Tommy Lee Jones.
  • Visuals: Solid.
  • Synopsis & information
  • Entertainment value: Nice.
  • Who is it for? Those in a need for a good action fix or Costner fans.

L'auberge espagnole — Un mélange de vies drôle et captivant — 8*/10

Un joyeux mélange de vie et de relations qui nous amène à rire et à réfléchir. Tout arrive un peu n'importe comment, arrangé par la main bienveillante du scénariste. Les gens sont beaux, la vie est simple, mais tumultueuse. On se laisse porter, on est transporté, on est captivé. Certains plans au début sont louches, un vers la fin aussi, mais on s'en fout. Un film que tout un chacun devrait voir.

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mercredi 27 avril 2016

He Never Died — It's not slick, but this violent modern fantasy is fantastic — 9*/10

  • Story: Great ideas. Absolutely and completely absorbing. The intrigue makes the whole movie. You keep asking yourself: "Who is he?" You're kept in murky waters as confusing events unfold. However, when you get the answer, what happens? Is it over? No, but then You just start wondering: "Where is this going? Why is this even happening?" Basically, you never stop wanting to know more. Simple and quick action scenes with a good punch. Plus, you even get to laugh some.
  • Setting: Average city, below average citizens and criminals. Very few people all in all.
  • Style: Dark, violent, gory, everyday modern fantasy. Quite surprising.
  • Pacing: Slow to start, but it quickly grows sustained.
  • Ending: An end that's not really an end is close to absolute genius not only because it's so unusual, but also because it's close to reality without being boring. I can only applaud.
  • Dialogs: Superb. In a dark way, even funny.
  • Characters: They don't have complex personalities, but they mingle, act and interact to form an almost perfect symphony. An incredible melange of sarcasm, incredulity and realistic reactions that form the core of this film. I loved the main character and the waitress, they made me laugh out loud.
  • Acting: Right on the note. They keep the whole tone of the movie exactly where it's supposed to be. Can't ask for more.
  • Known actors: Henry Rollins.
  • Visuals: Dark. Gritty. Perfect.
  • Special Effects: Nicely done, close to seamless. Nothing to be wowed about, though.
  • Score: Great.
  • Synopsis & information
  • Entertainment value: Excellent, even if it's visibly a bit low budget.
  • Who is it for? I'll admit it's not for everyone. However, everyone should give it a try if they don't mind violence, certainly anyone looking for something dark and refreshing in the fantasy movie world. 

The Oranges — A tangle of lives with a big mess and some fun — 7*/10

  • Story: The lives and the storylines of two family get incredibly entangled. Very funny with just a bit of pretty tame drama.
  • Setting: As usual, too posh compared to the average viewer.
  • Ending: Too neat and pretty bland, but acceptable. It could have been worst. It could also have been easily better if it had followed a realistic approach.
  • Dialogs: Funny.
  • Characters: Very interesting.
  • Acting: Better than good overall. Simple roles, though.
  • Known actors: Catherine Keener, Allison Janney, Oliver Platt, Hugh Laurie, Alia Shawkat and Leighton Meester.
  • Synopsis & information
  • Entertainment value: Good.
  • Who is it for? Those looking for something funny, with extremely light family drama.

mardi 26 avril 2016

Demolition — A quiet but powerful look at a man looking for an answer — 8*/10

  • Story: A great exploration of the mind. It is specific to the main character, thus giving us a new perspective on the old grief story. The drama is there, but it's quiet, and you'll even smile from time to time. It doesn't want to be an emotionally gut wrenching piece.
  • Setting: Rich in details, if too posh for the average viewer.
  • Style: Flashes of ideas flow to the screen from time to time, making us feel like we're thinking like he does. Very strong editing. We're part of his thought process and confusion. We're almost just as lost as he is.
  • Pacing: Very even paced. Not slow, but not fast either.
  • Ending: Somewhat predictable, but very nice.
  • Dialogs: Great.
  • Characters: Well developed.
  • Acting: Superb.
  • Known actors: Jake Gyllenhaal, Naomi Watts and Chris Cooper.
  • Synopsis & information
  • Entertainment value: Solid.
  • Who is it for? Those looking for something quiet but with a lot of emotional processing.

Sleeping Giant — Solid look at the life of a few common teen boys — 9*/10

  • Story: A very tight look at a few boy teens. Yes, they are up to no good most of the time, but their rebellion is realistic. You can feel the confusion, frustration and simmering anger behind their nonchalant exterior and petty hurts. No laughters or jokes anywhere. It's very serious, but the drama is not the explosive kind, it's that real one, the everyday type, that happens to anyone.
  • Setting: Average people in an average place, not poor, not rich.
  • Style: It's a raw, yet intimate and because of that intimacy, it feels almost neutral and soft at times. Judgement is all in the eye of the beholders.
  • Pacing: Quite quick, very few pauses. The action is mostly psychological.
  • Ending: Solid.
  • Dialogs: Extremely realistic.
  • Characters: Incredibly well built. The closer you are to a character, the deeper the personality will be, yet the others don't feel empty or archetypical, just less well known.
  • Acting: Perfect.
  • Camera Work: Reels you in tight, off the shoulder, lived in style. Just right.
  • Synopsis & information
  • Entertainment value: Excellent, if you don't mind the raw tone.
  • Who is it for? Those looking for a serious movie or a realistic look at some common teen boys.

lundi 25 avril 2016

Moonwalkers — Totally hilarious crazy off the wall comedy — 8*/10

  • Story: Right from the start a viewer should take its cue the band's lead signer. The movie will be like that all the way through. Lots of nice twists and change of roles. It's crazy, off the wall and totally hilarious. It doesn't pull any punches. I laughed out loud many times and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
  • Style: It's a brilliant mix of a silly impossible comedy based on a conspiracy theory with an incredibly realistic sense of events, reactions and end results.
  • Pacing: It stops and go multiple times. Every breather gives just enough of a pause for the audience to catch their breath but no more. Solid.
  • Ending: Excellent, if slightly predictable which is easily forgivable given the quality of the rest.
  • Dialogs: Amazing. Again, realistic in that crazy sense.
  • Characters: By themselves, they make the movie. The rest makes it just stunning.
  • Acting: Perfect.
  • Known actors: Ron Perlman, Rupert Grint and Robert Sheehan.
  • Music: Great.
  • Synopsis & information
  • Entertainment value: Very good. Much more if you like the style.
  • Who is it for? It's not for everyone, but everyone should give it a try.

I did lower its overall value by a star because a number of people won't like it. It's just too incredibly out there for most viewer.

vendredi 22 avril 2016

Jenny's Wedding — It's all about relationships and opening your eyes — 8*/10

  • Story: A sweet story that's all about family relationships. A few laughs are in store with a few very touching tears. No catastrophic drama. No sex. And it's not really about lesbians. It's just a strong emotional story about opening your eyes and, ultimately, your heart.
  • Style: Very realistic reactions. A touchy subject cut with a very subtle edge of humor.
  • Pacing: Smooth and unhurried, but neither is it slow, it's just right.
  • Ending: Not surprising, but extremely well done.
  • Dialogs: Tightly constructed and filled with all the correct words making the dialogs solid if not exactly what we would be able to articulate while in the middle of the same situation.
  • Characters: Nice depth to the two sisters and the parents. The others are much more shallow. It's a big contrast that fortunately doesn't create a real problem.
  • Acting: Excellent for the most part.
  • Known actors: Katherine Heigl, Tom Wilkinson, Alexis Bledel and Sam McMurray.
  • Synopsis & information
  • Entertainment value: Solid.
  • Who is it for? Those looking for a movie about emotional relationships or family ties.

Hardcore Henry — A simple story with a first person shooter perspective — 6*/10

  • Story: Linear, going from one goal to another. Full of action and a few silly jokes. Violent. Gory at times.
  • Style: First person shooter turned action sci-fi movie. It can make you kind of dizzy, but it will definitively put you very strongly in the skin of the hero. I got out of my seat and I took a few unsteady steps and it took something like haft a minute to get back to my own point of view.
  • Pacing: Constant action.
  • Ending: Interesting, if simple, with a dash of predictability.
  • Dialogs: Uninventive, except for one character.
  • Characters: Most are extremely simple, but one is kind of a excellent idea.
  • Acting: Nothing to be amazed by, except for one.
  • Known actors: Sharlto Copley (another crazy good performance for him).
  • Cameos: Tim Roth.
  • Special Effects: Good.
  • Camera Work: That point of view is definitively unusual.
  • Score: Good.
  • Synopsis & information
  • Entertainment value: Depends if you can stand the first person point of view.
  • Who is it for? Those looking for something different or first person enthusiasts and Copley fans.

The Boss — Crazy comedy for anyone wanting to turn their brain off — 6*/10

  • Story: Cooky, silly, funny, at times hilarious full of crazy stuff.
  • Ending: Predictable.
  • Dialogs: Funny.
  • Characters: Very interesting, well built even if some are simple. Crazy good ideas.
  • Acting: Solid.
  • Known actors: Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Bell, Peter Dinklage and Kathy Bates.
  • Synopsis & information
  • Entertainment value: Pretty good.
  • Who is it for? Anyone looking for something funny, silly and not too demanding or any McCarthy fan.

dimanche 10 avril 2016

Les 3 p'tits cochons — De tumultueuses relations et des situations bien comiques — 7*/10

Drôle, bien pensé, avec d'excellents acteurs ce film vous fera réfléchir sur les relations amoureuses à long terme. La majeure partie du scénario semble nous faire la morale. Toutefois, à la fin, on s'aperçoit en fait qu'il ne reflète que ce que la société dicte en ce moment. En fin de compte, il nous offre une panoplie d'adaptations aux diverses situations que les personnages vivent.

Synopsis & information

Très bon travail de directeur de la part de Patrick Huard, mettant en vedette Claude Legault, Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge, Paul Doucet, Mahée Paiement, Julie Perreault, Isabel Richer et France Castel.

samedi 9 avril 2016

The Family — A crime comedy with big names that's no better than average — 6*/10

  • Story: It has some good elements like the psychotic reactions or the shootout that really made me appreciate it, but there's just too many weaknesses to really make it better than average.
  • Ending: Weak. It's as if they ran out of ideas. Not enough details, easy, predictable, but with some punch.
  • Dialogs: Nothing to brag about.
  • Characters: The mafioso are terrible, especially the killers. They feel like bad caricatures. The family itself is not so bad with the parents being built on much better foundations than their children.
  • Acting: Alright. Nothing anybody can be really proud of.
  • Known actors: Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dianna Agron, Tommy Lee Jones and Vincent Pastore.
  • Synopsis & information
  • Entertainment value: Nice, nothing more.
  • Who is it for? Those looking for a crime comedy, a bit of action, or the diehard fans of De Niro and Pfeiffer.

Writer director Luc Besson has done much better work than this.

jeudi 7 avril 2016

She's Funny That Way — Very quirky and funny with a side of romance — 6*/10

  • Story: Twisted and funny. Very nice ideas. It goes in many directions and not everything ties up neatly which is very much like life which everything else isn't.
  • Style: Goofy and quirky.
  • Pacing: Quick, almost breathless.
  • Ending: Cute.
  • Dialogs: Fast and witty. Crazy.
  • Characters: Few of them are likeable, but they are all well built and logical if unreal.
  • Acting: Solid.
  • Known actors: Owen Wilson, Kathryn Hahn, Jennifer Aniston, Will Forte, Rhys Ifans and Debi Mazar.
  • Cameos: Quentin Tarantino and Michael Shannon.
  • Score: Quirky. Spot on.
  • Synopsis & information
  • Entertainment value: Nice, better if you're looking for quirky.
  • Who is it for? Those looking for something really quirky and funny with a side of romantic relationship.

mardi 5 avril 2016

Ride Along — A simple comedy for some simple fun — 6*/10

  • Story: Banal is probably the best I can say. There are some good jokes, but nothing surprising, even the action is subpar and the scenario is straight out of a mold without anything extra.
  • Ending: Super predictable.
  • Characters: Strictly unidimensional.
  • Acting: Basic.
  • Known actors: Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, John Leguizamo, Bruce McGill and Laurence Fishburne.
  • Synopsis & information
  • Entertainment value: Basic.
  • Who is it for? Cube or Hart fans only, unless you're in a dire need of an action comedy fix.