mardi 27 juin 2017

Cars 3 — Get your Pixar fix with this fun animation — 6*/10

Good solid entertainment. Overall, touching, plus, even though the story was in a way very easy and safe for the creators, it still had a few surprises and many great details. Not the equal of the first one, but pretty interesting.

Owen Wilson, Chris Cooper and Nathan Fillion.

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The Mummy — Good fantasy with nice action — 6*/10

Very interesting ideas, but with a bad start and a number of weaknesses in the last third of the movie. Mostly, though, it is nicely entertaining and interesting. Funny, but too serious to really connect with the original precursor series (read my review of the first chapter here).

Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella.

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Wonder Woman — An inspiring super hero action flick for all — 8*/10

Amazing visuals, action and special effects. The story is very interesting even if it's not very complex. The part about rewriting Greek mythology is annoying, the bad guy is weak at best and they could have given her one of the more dressed-up version of her costume, but the rest, including the acting, is great.

Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen.

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dimanche 18 juin 2017

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales — Entertaining if nothing else — 6*/10

The 5th chapter. Atrocious intro and epilogue. The rest of the story is pretty good even though there are a number of easy or flawed things. Entertaining and with some good special effects. Beware, post credit scene.

Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, Javier Bardem, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley.

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mardi 6 juin 2017

Captain Underpants — You'll see it for your kids, but you'll enjoy yourself too — 6*/10

Simple, yet witty and full of interesting details. You will not find many layered levels of comedy, but you will chuckle at things your kid won't understand. Plus, the story is pretty positive.

Kevin Hart.

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jeudi 1 juin 2017

Bon Cop Bad Cop 2 — Divertissant, drôle et rempli d'action — 7*/10

C'est quand même une bonne suite au premier chapitre (lire ma critique ici). Même si ce n'est pas aussi original ou comique, reste que c'est un bon investissement.

Patrick Huard et Lucie Laurier.

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