jeudi 26 juin 2014

How to Train Your Dragon 2 — Solid entertainment and great sequel — 7*/10

How to Train Your Dragon 2 is a worthy sequel to the first chapter. Although they couldn't recapture the novelty of it, which is a very difficult thing to do, they did however put in a lot of nice details and built a rich environment. The story is even interesting and compelling, but a mite predictable at times. Great action, solid animation.

For everyone.

22 Jump Street — It doesn't take itself seriously, so don't either and have a blast — 7*/10

22 Jump Street, the followup to 21 Jump Street, is just as much fun and as ridiculous. It can take a while to get used to the self-deprecating message trumpeted in the first 20 minutes, "it's the exact same thing", but after that, it flows well. Lots of silly juvenile stuff, slapstick jokes, impossibly embarrassing situations, action, and some solid comedic acting.

For some stupid fun.

dimanche 22 juin 2014

Jeune & jolie — Bien, mais avec certaines failles qui font baisser sa valeur globale — 7*/10

Jeune & jolie n'est pas un film sur la prostitution, mais bien sur la sexualité d'une fille de 17 ans. Il y a quelques éléments non réalistes au niveau du travail du sexe, mais en gros, ça se tient. Très bon jeu d'acteurs, excellente mise en scène, mais l'histoire n'est pas à la hauteur.

Pour ceux qui aiment les développements lents avec peu de rebondissements.

samedi 21 juin 2014

Cowboys & Aliens — Explosions and firefights galore with a thread thin story — 5*/10

Cowboys & Aliens is what it says it is. As weird as it sounds, the idea is good, however, the story is a tad predictable with plot schemes as old as the world and a lame backstory romance. More over, my guess is that the big name actors in this flick weren't able to deliver a better performance because there weren't given much to work with. It's entertaining, but not much beyond that.

If you want to see action, special effects, cowboys, and aliens, this is for you.

vendredi 20 juin 2014

Maleficent — It's very good, but it could have been much more — 7*/10

Maleficent is a visually impeccable fantasy movie, especially all the creatures they created just for it. Now, it's an entertaining flick with a very interesting twist on this old tale, but it's very linear and predictable, even when it actually surprises you. It also contains a few logical flaws which makes the plot a little less interesting. A high point for the scenario is its treatment of prince charming, very feminist, I liked it.

I do recommend seeing it if you like fantasy even remotely, but don't expect too much.

Chef — Emotionally rich and very funny little comedy about something simple — 9*/10

Chef is funny, very funny. It's different, touching, interesting, nicely put together, with great acting and excellent dialogs. I'd say that the only negative points are the slightly rosy ending, although they did skip the sentimental dialogs so it's not so bad (I would have skip the whole thing after he calls back his son), and the overuse of Twitter, which in ten years will look a little weird.

For everyone, except action addicts.

mardi 17 juin 2014

Pineapple Express — Ludicrous, interesting, and somewhat funny for when you need to turn your brain off — 6*/10

Pineapple Express is your basic stoner comedy. Its real attraction comes from the fact that it is our introduction to new stars in the comedy circles.

For those who like pot movies.

lundi 16 juin 2014

Edge of Tomorrow — You have to see this unless you can't stand sci-fi — 10*/10

Edge of Tomorrow is an excellent science-fiction movie, in which you grab the edge of your seat and you don't want to let go, ever. The only thing I'd criticize is the fact that the end, after the grenades, is unnecessary sugar coating as well as flawed logically. Everything else is perfect.

A must for everyone, especially sci-fi fans.

Drinking Buddies — Not what you'd think, yet enjoyable on a slow day — 6*/10

Drinking Buddies has a totally different pace than most movies, especially that kind of buddy comedy. This is a bit more realistic, yet still a bit silly since it feels like a parody of a male-female drinking companion relationship, for some reason. The end, however, is different than what we'd expect from this genre.

For those who don't need things to move too quickly.

vendredi 13 juin 2014

A Million Ways to Die in the West - Very light entertainment for a slow night - 6*/10

A Million Ways to Die in the West is just silly and totally anachronistic. The trailer gives a good idea of what the movie will be like. Don't expect greatness. Turn your brain off and watch.

For those who don't need a comedy to make sense.

dimanche 8 juin 2014

Project X - Give it time and you'll be totally captivated - 9*/10

Project X starts lame, really lame. However, it very slowly picks up momentum until you get something surprising. Emotions are flying high, action is a continuous rolling thunder, acting is solid, scenes are completely engrossing, and you get many a surprise. The only real flaw is that all the chicks are super hot and really easy which ruins our suspension of disbelief.

I highly recommend you give it a try. It might not be your cup of tea, but you have to go at least 45 minutes into it.

vendredi 6 juin 2014

Robot & Frank - A neat trick and a few good ideas - 7*/10

Robot & Frank is simple, well acted, and surprisingly human. It's a good story that lets us breeze through difficult issues and keep our attention focused. I would have given another star if it had ended after he pushed the button. The rest is unnecessary closure. There's also a number of too rapid transitions where the audience is not given enough time to assimilate the situation to believe it.

For science-fiction and AI fans.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day - Discover and be amazed - 8*/10

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day is two incredibly funny female characters in non-stop social whirlwind topped with some quirky romance, all of it set in great decors. It isn't a period piece, but it does give you a fresh sense of wonder. Lots of heart and feelings.

For those who love quirky solid films.

The Change-Up - Predictable, easy, unimaginative, yet funny - 6*/10

The Change-Up uses a bizarrely common theme and revisits it in a blandish fashion. While the ideas are nothing new under the sun, the jokes terribly easy, and the scenario predictable, you can appreciate the performance of the main actors, including the leading female.

For Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds fans only.

The Lucky One - Interesting ideas, but with a bland result - 5*/10

The Lucky One had some good ideas for its story, but the scenario contains many weak elements that are difficult to ignore. The movie tends to take the easy road at every turn, and add to that a weird ending with an almost sickly twist, and you've got nothing good to watch.

Only for the die hard sentimental people in need of easy romance.