mardi 28 février 2017

A Cure for Wellness — An old-style horror crafted in a modern way — 8*/10

It's a horror film only as far as there are a few horrifying things, mostly psychological. It does, however, have an old horror type feel to it, like something you know is there, without getting any real evidence of it, ever.

The structure of the flick is amazing, incredible craft. It is captivating, even though at some point it falls flat, using too well-traveled roads, but it picks up again for a solid ending. Slow. Not for everyone. Excellent work by Gore Verbinski.

Celia Imrie.

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mardi 21 février 2017

Fist Fight — A total and complete waste of time — 4*/10

That will teach me not to watch the preview in full.

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The LEGO Batman Movie — A fantastic parody animation — 7*/10

Funny and full of past Batman movie references that will greatly please fans. The story is a bit simple, but it's good entertainment.

Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Rosario Dawson, Ralph Fiennes, Zach Galifianakis, Conan O'Brien, Zoë Kravitz, Kate Micucci, Eddie Izzard, Seth Green, Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Hector Elizondo and Mariah Carey.

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mercredi 15 février 2017

La Vénus à la fourrure — Puissant film qui mérite toute notre attention — 9*/10

Un chef d'oeuvre captivant de Roman Polanski. Verve, passion,  découverte, mystère... Rien n'y manque, pourtant que deux seuls acteurs. Un cours de psychologie à ne pas manquer qui nous fait passer du simple ridicule amusant au bas fond de l'avilissant.

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mercredi 8 février 2017

The Space Between Us — A very nice semi sci-fi semi-romantic story — 7*/10

The relationship between the boy and the girl is very well done, but the rest is spotty at best and the science fiction a mere background, often faulty. It is easy to enjoy, and it's good light entertainment.

Asa Butterfield, Britt Robertson, Carla Gugino and Gary Oldman.

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mardi 7 février 2017

Julieta — Strong and extremely well done drama, but not for everyone — 8*/10

This is a technically strong movie by director Pedro Almodóvar with only one real drawback, it takes a long time to get into it. The mood is so involved, it is emotionally complex to connect to and difficult to relate to the characters.

Once you're in, though, you completely forget about the rest and just want to know the depth of it all.

Excellent. I highly recommend it to those with the patience to afford it.

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The Comedian — Big names, good jokes, but little else — 6*/10

It falls flat, even though the comedy bits are good. It doesn't get any steam. The romance isn't engaging beyond the initial few minutes. The life intricacies aren't significant and barely register.

Robert De Niro, Leslie Mann, Danny DeVito, Harvey Keitel, Charles Grodin, Cloris Leachman and Lucy DeVito.

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vendredi 3 février 2017

Hunt for the Wilderpeople — Simple yet very surprising — 8*/10

This is about life, about defining family, about freedom, but all done in a very light yet realistic tone. Follow their adventure and all the surprises that come before during and after it. This movie's most compelling points are the fact that it takes unexpected turns and how it can still be fun even considering everything that's happening.

It's a must try, even if it's not a blockbuster. You'll probably love it.

Sam Neill and Rhys Darby.

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