samedi 2 mai 2015

End of Watch — Solid action flick with realistic setting — 8*/10

  • Scenario: Very interesting, captivating. It's made from the beat cops' personal point of view, and you really get in there with them. It's not about what is happening, but what is happening to them. Great action, close to realistic. Superb tension with lots of different situations. Not easily predictable, except on a few occasions. It's not your standard script, because even though the usual trappings build its fabric the leading thread is almost secondary to their story.
  • Dialogs: Realistic.
  • Characters: They're not complicated, but well developed. The main ones have a lot of depth to them. You can really feel them. The gang members are a bit too stereotyped, but maybe it's just a reflection on how the cops see them.
  • Actors: Excellent work on the part of everyone. Cast members include Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Peña and Anna Kendrick.
  • Photography: With all the well made hand held shots, the camera work really takes you in.
  • Sound: Solid music and score.
  • Special effects: None visible.
  • Synopsis & information
  • Who is it for? Those looking for action setup in a more realistic fashion and a gritty setting.