mercredi 18 février 2015

Kingsman: The Secret Service — The best spy action movie I've seen in a long time — 9*/10

  • Story: It's a spy film and it comes with a bunch concepts we are familiar with, however, it does take a few unexpected turns and has a number of nice details that are usually absent from this kind of flick. The good thing is that it doesn't take itself seriously. Excellent choice when it comes to the global threat.
  • Characters: Loved the super-vilain and his motivation. The rest are interesting if not novel. However, I thought that the evil female sidekick was a bit much.
  • Dialogs: Good, and at a number of time, even self-reflective on the genre.
  • Scenario: Tight and action gripped, loved it.
  • Actors: Love Colin Firth, perfect as the ultimate gentleman. Samuel L. Jackson showed us once again the range he's capable of. I thought Mark Hamill did a great work in his small role. The other notable cast members are Michael Caine and Mark Strong.
  • Photography: Very nice. The camera works are incredibly good in the fight scenes.
  • Sound: Nice music and score.
  • Special effects: Excellent.
  • Synopsis & information
  • Who is it for? Anyone, unless you're not looking for action or you prefer only serious movies.