jeudi 18 juillet 2013

The Terminator — The birth of many things — 9*/10

The Terminator is the father of cyberpunk and is one of the very first movie directed by James Cameron where he really started to build his name. He showed his talent with this small budget independent production. The star rating of this film is mainly due to the fact that its a landmark in the industry.

The good. Very imaginative background and setting. Well paced scenario. Interesting characters. Captivating story. Solid suspense. Nice action.

The actors. The machine is a good role for Arnold Schwarzenegger at the beginning of his career since it doesn't require much pronunciation. I've always loved Michael Biehn and even if he's not at his best, he did great with what he was given. Linda Hamilton hadn't yet bloomed and her limitations are showing a little bit, yet she gave us a great portrayal.

The bad. A few overly simple dialogs. The stop motion animation is good, but nowadays, it's an old technology. The mechanical puppet doesn't have human fluidity it should have. The latex stand-in is pitiful by today's standard.

The ugly. Nothing.

The result. Everyone should see it because it's a landmark, especially sci-fi fans.