lundi 22 juin 2015

Inside Out — Another great entertaining hit from Pixar — 9*/10

  • Scenario: Great story, imaginative, full of details and color. Easily enjoyable for the grown ups, but there's enough sadness in it to make me wonder if the kids are liking it. Maybe it's subtle enough not affect them. Be forewarned, there are some very touching moments that will probably bring a tear or two to your eyes. That being said, high value entertainment guaranteed.
  • Dialogs: Fast and funny.
  • Characters: The inside characters are well done, the outside one are more simple, but the story isn't really about those, so it doesn't matter.
  • Actors: Great work by everyone. Cast members include Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Richard Kind, Mindy Kaling, Bill Hader and Lewis Black.
  • Photography: Solid.
  • Sound: Solid music and score.
  • Special effects: The animation is without reproach.
  • Synopsis & information
  • Who is it for? Anyone who likes animation features.