mardi 6 septembre 2016

Hell or High Water — It's a solid ride but it will also make you think — 9*/10

  • Overall: A gritty dirty modern far west movie, but on a very personal level. Quiet, almost.
  • Who is it for? I think everyone should take a good look at it, but I know not everybody is going to like it. Those looking for action might get bored. Those looking for introspection might not like the bit of violence there is. There's more to it than the preview lets you imagine.
  • Synopsis & information
  • Known actors: Ben Foster, Chris Pine and Jeff Bridges.
  • Setting: Poor dirty grimy Texan rural counties.
  • Style: Crime done for the right reason trying to avoid the consequences.
  • Pacing: A few actions sequence with many quiet reflective lull.
  • Intro: Not wasting a second and getting right where we want to be. Grabs the attention quick before the credits. Perfect.
  • Story: Yes, it's about robbing banks, but it's not so much about how. It's more about whom. Whom does it, who's looking for them and who's around. It's about a place, a time and a multitude of reasons. It's about making up your mind and pushing an idea to its ultimate conclusion.
  • Ending: It's more like an epilogue, but without it, the film would have less of a character pull. It's great as it is.
  • Dialogs: Not always perfect, but they make the audience really feel what's happening.
  • Characters: Great. Well developed. Can't ask for more. You even get to like the little characters. It's a character flick first and foremost.
  • Acting: Excellent, even for Jeff Bridges who still mumble his lines with that thick accent he's been using these past few years. At least, here, it makes sense.
  • Visuals: Grimy. Perfect.
  • Costumes: Perfect.
  • Afterthoughts: You know they're playing with our sense of just and right, as opposed to justice, and the financial events of the last decades, and it makes you think.