mardi 27 septembre 2016

The Dressmaker — An incredible movie that will fill your emotional cup — 9*/10

  • Overall: Beautiful touching story with strong female roles. Very interesting and entertaining, full of surprises.
  • Who is it for? Anyone, unless you require pervasive action.
  • Synopsis & information
  • Known actors: Kate Winslet, Hugo Weaving and Liam Hemsworth.
  • Setting: 1950s rural Australia.
  • Style: It's going back to where you came from to show off mixed with the discovering the past.
  • Pacing: A very human scale. You slowly get more and more interested until by the end you're completely engrossed.
  • Intro: Excellent patchwork of scenes until you get the proper introduction.
  • Story: This is more than just a homecoming, there are several secrets to discover and the script is full of surprises and very unusual turns. Incredible emotional realism.
  • Ending: Fitting. Excellent. Loved it.
  • Dialogs: Build with great care.
  • Characters: Great depth and color. The leading man is the only present stereotype.
  • Acting: Powerful. Loved Kate Winslet, but was really impressed by Hugo Weaving.
  • Visuals: Beautiful and complex, full of details.
  • Costumes: Incredible. Loved them.
  • Afterthoughts: Great movie. Extremely satisfied with my choice. I recommend it to everyone. I can't believe it took it a year to get from Australia to our theaters.