mercredi 9 janvier 2013

Bewitched — A silly light romantic comedy that can be enjoyed by anyone — 8*/10

Bewitched is an amazingly light romantic comedy. Will Ferrell is playing with his least wonky funny game face on, and Nicole Kidman shines as a co-star. Who would have thought that she could be that silly? They make a great pair, each balancing the other on the screen, and I'm sure playing off each other on the set.

A meta movie about a TV show is nothing new, but having the TV show retooled within the movie while bringing the TV show's idea to reality within the movie, and making fun of it on the side, that's meta-meta and a great idea. Bring in the whole stint about the washed-up star, as well as an immortal trying to be a mortal, and you've got yourself a nice fully fledged story.

Everyone's acting is right on the spot, as is the soundtrack. The photography is rich and eye pleasing. Will is presented in a way in which he can be appreciated by anyone, and Nicole is at its cutest and sweetest.

It's a must see comedy.