jeudi 9 juin 2016

Into the Forest — A very different and personal look at the end of civilization — 9*/10

  • Story: Captivating. Realistic emotional reactions and sequence of events. Sweet, with bits of intense drama that do not overwhelm the film. Several unusual turns. Always presenting differently what we see commonly.
  • Setting: A tiny bit into the future. Not your average family.
  • Style: It doesn't get stuck on any event or little things, it's about exploring a different way of experiencing that scenario.
  • Pacing: Excellent mood building. Long term progression.
  • Ending: Perfect. Just perfect.
  • Epilogue: None. Not trying to buy into the masses.
  • Dialogs: Great.
  • Characters: Sound and extremely well developed. Great depth and some complexity.
  • Acting: Amazing.
  • Known actors: Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood.
  • Visuals: Beautiful, breathtaking at times.
  • Sound: Great soundscape.
  • Synopsis & information:
  • Entertainment value: Great, if you like movies about the mood.
  • Who is it for? A must see, but not a crowd pleaser.