mardi 28 juin 2016

Central Intelligence — First, it's going to make you laugh and then it's going to get lost — 5*/10

  • Overall: First part, good. Second part, boring.
  • Known actors: Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart.
  • Cameos: Jason Bateman and Aaron Paul.
  • Style: Silly action comedy with a moral.
  • Intro: Funny, touching and morally positive, but not overly creative and full of stereotypes.
  • Story: The first half is kind of good, because you're setting up the characters and it's fun. The second part is boring because the intrigue and pursuit are weak.
  • Ending: It falls flat.
  • Epilogue: I'm not sure what to make of it and then there's an epilogue to the epilogue. WTF.
  • Dialogs: Simple. Lots of high pitch craziness from Hart.
  • Characters: Love the Stone character. I think they went with: let's try to make maximum ridicule look cool. Hilarious and cool. The rest are not worth mentioning.
  • Acting: Okay, I guess.
  • Visuals: Meh.
  • Synopsis & information
  • Who is it for? Limited to Johnson and Hart fans, no one else.