samedi 9 juillet 2016

American Psycho — A murderer's violent trail, sure, but not just that — 7*/10

  • Overall: Tense, violent and surprising. Not for a relax evening.
  • Who is it for? Those looking for some psychological suspense and violence with a certain offbeat flair.
  • Synopsis & information
  • Known actors: Christian Bale (one of his best role), Reese Witherspoon and Willem Dafoe.
  • Setting: Produced in 2000 it is done as a period piece of the late 80s within the circles of rich investment bankers and socialites.
  • Style: It is part parody and critique of the era and social strata, part psychotic episode and sociopathic killing spree without explicit visuals.
  • Pacing: Very controlled. Gradual.
  • Intro: Slowly meshes the audience with the main characters. Smooth.
  • Story: It grows bit by bits until it culminates, so the viewer gets used to what's happening. The mental state of the main character and its incremental disintegration is done with obvious care.
  • Ending: Quite a shock and a bit confusing until it sinks in. It is what makes the movie.
  • Dialogs: A master piece of saying nothing with so many words representing the superficiality of that type of person.
  • Characters: Solid and well built.
  • Acting: Incredibly on the spot.
  • Visuals: Showing their age. Combine that with the fact that it's a period piece and part parody, it feels older than it is. It wasn't so bad when I first saw it, but now, 16 years later, it's a combination that’s flawed. It's still possible to appreciate it, though.