mercredi 13 mars 2013

The Usual Suspects — Criminals versus criminals, and everyone chasing their own tail — 7*/10

The Usual Suspects your typical let's twist the tale around to keep you from guessing who's doing what. You get criminals who catch criminals in a bind to get them to do a coup for them. Nothing new.

The story is interesting and keeps you attentive. The action is nice, but tame by today's standard. The plot is not too complicated, if confusing at first.

However, the lines the characters feed us are a little too slick, and some of the acting is a bit over done, especially on the part of Chazz Palminteri and Stephen Baldwin. Benicio Del Toro is unfortunately not at his best, while Kevin Spacey presents the top performance of the lot, and the rest of the cast gives only an acceptable one, but not much better.

Worst part is, there's a major flaw in the initial voice over. You'll only catch it if you think about it, and not before you've seen the whole flick.

If you like criminal intrigue, you probably will like it.