jeudi 7 juillet 2016

The BFG — Definitively for children, enjoyable by adults — 7*/10

  • Overall: Sweet fantasy world versus overly simple real world.
  • Who is it for? Children first and foremost because they will love it, then adults who like fantasy and don't mind a bit of simplicity.
  • Synopsis & information
  • Known actors: Mark Rylance.
  • Cameos: Bill Hader.
  • Setting: A mix between a clever fantasy world done in CGI and the real world.
  • Style: A child's wild adventurous and imaginative mind.
  • Intro: Gets you in the mood right away. Smooth, quick and well done.
  • Story: Simple. The best parts are about the giant world, which means that the last part is less enjoyable.
  • Ending: Nice details, if predictable.
  • Epilogue: The same... Nice details, if predictable.
  • Dialogs: Solid. Obvious testament to its book-form origin.
  • Characters: Three are really good, the main ones: the girl, the BFG and the main bad giant. The others are really simple.
  • Acting: The three main characters are very well portrayed. The others weren't given much.
  • Visuals: Great, almost eye popping at times. Full of details.
  • Special Effects: Very well done, the mix of real and CGI is great, except for a few times where the BFG's hands interacted with the girl.

I'm slightly disappointed by Steven Spielberg, although, it's probably because it's more a story for kids. The work on the giants' world is amazing, but the whole thing about the queen annoys me, she just doesn't have that kind of power, but then it's fantasy and it's probably what's in the book. So, I'm not sure what to think.