samedi 15 décembre 2012

About Cherry — A sweet little movie about a sweet little girl and porn — 9*/10

About Cherry pulls every punches to make sure you can see Cherry's sweet side. Reality is there, you can see it clear as day, but the story is all about her innocent nature. The bad things are presented, but not dwelled upon. You get to know her and by the end you just wish to get to know her more, that's how sweet she is.

The camera moves are well chosen, the point of views and focus done just right. The scoring is just as sweet as the main actress and all the characters are well played. The scenario is a great balance in time and subjects, presenting you a lot of tidbits, in a concise manner that you can easily ingest.

It's almost perfect. The only reproach I can make is that it is so sweet, it has no punch. I must admit, I didn't care that it didn't. I will watch it again many times, that is a guaranty.

Easily listening. I highly recommend it to the naughty one waiting for a candy inside of you.