vendredi 28 décembre 2012

Good Advice — A light romantic comedy about a guy hitting rock bottom and redefining himself — 7*/10

Good Advice is the sort of movie you can see over and over and over. I know I do. It's easy on the eye, charming, slightly insightful, positive, and entertaining.

Charlie Sheen's acting is a bit pinched, though, but it's still good. Most character are a bit over played, but in line with the comedic tone of the film. I love Angie Harmon's character, I find it so cute and charming, in lots of little ways, but I suspect she might be at the edge of what she can do. Still, can't help rooting for her.

The advice column itself is quite insightful, and well written. If a columnist could write with such a voice, it would be popular indeed.

See it whenever you want to be lightly entertained and see a cute relationship.