mardi 4 décembre 2012

My Summer of Love — A brooding romantic drama with unexpected turns — 7*/10

My Summer of Love brings the subject of girl-girl romance in a straight forward manner, no fanfare, no fireworks, just a series of event that leads those young women to love.

In the same way, drama comes around, but every time you expect the scenario to turn right, it turns left (except for one particular instance near the end). It's nice to see that originality is not dead.

You get to love to hate the brother, and you keep on hating him more and more until the end. The end itself leaves you torn between impotence, anger, and sadness. The characters being as they are, who can you blame? Life is not pretty and so is the film.

It's an easy movie to watch, and its simplicity makes it a good choice. Do not expect big deployments, but the story will captivate you.