vendredi 14 décembre 2012

The Grifters — What is the best con? Who's getting conned? — 6*/10

The Grifters will twist your head around until you're unable to tell who's conning who. The uncertainty is very entertaining and will keep you guessing until the end.

However, there's a few problem with the movie. First off, the score. Instead of being invisible and underlining the  visual, it can at time jar you into reality. Second, the two main actresses are inferior to what John Cusack is doing. Actually, most other actors are pretty average if not below. Third, the "mob" felt cartoony. Fourth, the blood and injuries are so fake, I think I could do better. Finally, it's old enough to look like a period piece out of the eighties, but was made to seem current. That felt odd.

All in all, it's entertaining, just don't mind the odd things lying about.