jeudi 2 juillet 2015

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest — A very worthy sequel — 8*/10

  • Scenario: Even if the novelty of it all has worn off after the first chapter (read its review here) it is still an amazingly entertaining flick. Tons of action and great fun. The end is a bit of a let down, though, they could have worked more on tying in the next one. That being said, this film is totally worth the time.
  • Dialogs: Witty and funny.
  • Characters: Simple, but well done and captivating.
  • Actors: Good work for the most part. Cast members include Keira Knightley, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Bill Nighy, Jonathan Pryce, Jack Davenport and Stellan Skarsgård.
  • Photography: Gorgeous sets and decors, even more impressive than the first one.
  • Sound: The music and score are lively and commanding.
  • Special effects: Great, near perfection. There's just one bit that's not so good, but it doesn't ruin anything.
  • Synopsis & information
  • Who is it for? Anyone in need of some lively action. A must for the fans of the first one.