vendredi 24 juillet 2015

Rapture-Palooza — Low budget goofy comedy for light entertainment — 6*/10

  • Scenario: Crazy. The intro was particularly hilarious and the end was really funny with lots of goofy things in between. Even if the story itself was particularly light, the entertainment value was still there.
  • Known actors: Anna Kendrick (she did what she could with what she had, but she has shown that she can be much better), Craig Robinson (they gave him a lot of crass things to say and it gets annoying after a while), Rob CorddryAna GasteyerJohn Michael Higgins (the little screen time he had was hilarious!), Thomas Lennon and Ken Jeong.
  • Visual & sound: Very low budget and it showed a lot visually, even in the makeup.
  • Synopsis & information
  • Who is it for? Those looking for some end of the world goofy flick. Just don't take anything seriously or expect too much.