dimanche 26 juillet 2015

TRON: Legacy — A thing of dreams a crucible of imagination — 10*/10

  • Scenario: Picking up over twenty years after the original TRON (read my review here), it's still a movie to make anyone dream. The intro is a bit jarring, I'll give you that and it takes a little while to get used the son character, but the rest is extremely imaginative, the story captivating with luscious details, the action intense with a solid ending.
  • Known actorsJeff Bridges (great performance, better than the first one), Olivia Wilde (touching in a strong performance to say the least), Garrett Hedlund (a bit of over acting, but still appreciable), Beau GarrettMichael Sheen (just amazing) and Daft Punk (great cameo).
  • Visual & sound: Absolutely astounding on both counts, especially if you saw it in IMAX 3D with full bass. The experience is so good, it's difficult to describe. The only flaw I'd point out is the face of CLU or the younger Kevin Flynn which is far from perfect and at times can be distracting.
  • Synopsis & informationhttp://www.imdb.com/title/tt1104001/
  • Who is it for? Those seeking action in a great fictional world, any geek or sci-fi fan.

I'm really happy, in a geeky way, that they rectified the command line mistake of the original.