mercredi 19 octobre 2016

Star Trek — The best ever made and one accessible to all — 10*/10

  • Overall: The best production ever to come out of the franchise, and relatable enough that anyone can see it without even knowing what Star Trek is all about. Great way to get to know this world.
  • Who is it for? All sci-fi fans, but also anyone interested in a solid character based action flick.
  • Synopsis & information
  • Known actors: Zoe Saldana, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Simon Pegg, John Cho, Anton Yelchin, Karl Urban, Eric Bana and Bruce Greenwood.
  • Cameos: Winona Ryder and Leonard Nimoy.
  • Setting: Far future. 
  • Style: Character based action sci-fi. 
  • Pacing: It almost never stops, a real roller coaster, except for a select few moments that are all character moments. 
  • Intro: It's a boom, right away. 
  • Story: Full of action with incredible levels of details. Gripping.
  • Ending: Just wow.
  • Dialogs: Witty, hilarious at times, or serious, never letting us down. 
  • Characters: Well developed, a certain departure from the originals, but realistically so.
  • Acting: Excellent. 
  • Visuals: Mind blowing, all the time. Awe inspiring.
  • Special Effects: Perfect. 
  • Afterthoughts: The first time, I was blown away. The second time, I couldn't believe how good I still thought it was. I was as riveted as the first time. I highly recommend it