mardi 17 mars 2015

Legend — The old gold standard for fantasy movies — 9*/10

  • Story: It's your basic heroic fairytale, lavishly heaped with all the magical dust that could be thrown at it at the time. Extremely enjoyable.
  • Characters: Nice and simple.
  • Dialogs: Very theatrical and well done.
  • Scenario: Very quick development, even short. You can't get bored.
  • Actors: Great performance by all. Cast members include Tim Curry, Tom Cruise and Mia Sara.
  • Photography: Nice.
  • Sound: Good music and score, fortunately not too 80s until the end credit.
  • Special effects: Aging, unfortunately, but not too badly considering the era.
  • Synopsis & information
  • Who is it for? Those who like a good fantasy movie and don't mind if it looks a little old.

This was for a long time the gold standard for fantasy movies, until TLOTR, and it still posses its magnificent aura. I consider it one of Ridley Scott's finest piece.

I'll review the Director's Cut at a later date.