mercredi 18 mars 2015

Conan the Barbarian — The legendary character in his original and greatest screen incarnation — 10*/10

  • Story: The storytelling transitions us with great smoothness from infancy to present and unto destiny. The narration is superb using Mako's singular voice.
  • Characters: The characters are just perfect. I love the wizard and Subotai.
  • Dialogs: Very little and that's fine suiting the genre to a dot.
  • Scenario: Tight with many different types of scenes and an inescapable momentum, like an avalanche.
  • Actors: Great work by everyone. Arnold Schwarzenegger was made to play this role, very few words and all attitude, his sword forms are attention grabbing. Let us not forget the incredible performance of James Earl Jones. Cast members also include Max von Sydow, and Mako.
  • Photography: Excellent. The scenes are gritty and realistic, something that wasn't well done at the time.
  • Sound: Perfect music and score that truly transport you and put your right in the action or gives you shivers and heighten the suspense.
  • Special effects: It's not a special effect movie, and that's a good thing because those that are present tend to show their age. Fortunately, there's few of them and usually very short, so they're easily overlooked.
  • Synopsis & information
  • Who is it for? Anyone who likes action fantasy. The film has aged well, even considering the special effects.

The collector's edition as a few nice additions and a fuller ending. Robert E. Howard's character is legendary and you can see the hand of Oliver Stone in the screenplay for its sheer genius.