samedi 15 juin 2013

Dark City — A bewildering situation full of questions without answers — 9*/10

Dark City is one of those movies that is very difficult to categorized. It makes us experience something truly unique.

The good. Extremely imaginative setup. Very dark. Strong intrigue with multiple parts that keeps us guessing for most of the movie.

The actors. Rufus Sewell gives us a solid performance as the main confused protagonist, and we feel just like him. On the other hand, as a watcher, it is William Hurt playing the detective who leads our inquiries, trying to understand the mystery as we would. The ever beautiful Jennifer Connelly is adorable in her gentle role. Kiefer Sutherland gives strange ticks to the persona he is playing, making him seem slightly fake.

The bad. The green screen shot are poor, and fortunately somewhat rare. The rest of the special effect imperfections can be viewed as "stylish" and more easily absorbed. The final fight is a bit too simple.

The ugly. That dying critter near the end that looks almost pixelated.

The result. Quite a stupefying ride. Recommended to anyone, especially lovers of strange intrigues.