vendredi 28 juin 2013

The Heat — Lots of rivalries, conflict and swearing for lots of fun — 7*/10

The Heat is an odd couple comedy, but with two women enforcing the law.

The good. Lots of funny scenes, dialogs, and action. The two main characters are very well built.

The actors. Sandra Bullock gives us a solid performance, she makes us laugh with a very straight face. Comedy is what she does best. Melissa McCarthy is stellar as this irreverent persona.

The bad. Some elements were funnier in the trailer because the editing was tighter. Weak story, because the criminal activities are almost an after thought, with no polish whatsoever.

The ugly. The dance floor club scene is terribly awkward.

The result. It mostly delivers what it promises, a solid slap-stick comedy. Any Bullock fans will be pleased.