samedi 22 juin 2013

Blade Runner — Is one of those old movies everyone should watch at least once — 9*/10

Blade Runner is another masterpiece by Ridley Scott.

The good. This is an other production where you could list almost everything here. I'll just mention what really makes it special. The score is marvelous, and with the great sets, the very imaginative environment, and the multitude of details, you get immersed extremely quickly in the story. Again, Scott shows he's one of the best at setting the mood, presenting us with every piece of the puzzle, giving us a good background, and letting us float in his vision. Excellent acting on the part of all the cast. The ending really makes you think.

The actors. Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer are at the top of their game and it shows.

The bad. It's a getting a little bit old, but it's not showing much considering it's been over three decades. Also, the timeframe of the predictions is off, but that's always the case.

The ugly. Nothing.

The result. A must. See the director's cut, not the theatrical release.