mercredi 19 juin 2013

The Matador — Enjoy the story, stay for the laughs — 7*/10

The Matador is a unusual mix of a buddy movie and an assassin movie that you shouldn't take seriously yet is totally dead serious, almost realistic.

The good. Interesting novel story with surprising turns. Where you think the story will go one way, it goes an other. Well built characters if very shallow. A few laughs. Nice ending.

The actors. Pierce Brosnan plays here a rare role that strays surprisingly far from his usual hunting grounds. He's very crass, not in control of the situation, with few social skills, and suffers from failure. Greg Kinnear plays his total counter part, respectable, affable, loving. And Hope Davis is charming as well as surprising.

The bad. Unsound assemblage of scenes, but maybe it's just a result of flawed transitions.

The ugly. Large colorful fonts for city names just plastered in. Two transition handled with awkward black screens.

The result. An offbeat almost serene kind assassin flick. Not for those looking for action, although there's a bit of it.