lundi 17 juin 2013

Slums of Beverly Hills — Something different that will make you chuckle — 7*/10

Slums of Beverly Hills is cooky and touching.

The good. Interesting story with a number of surprising twists. Well paced scenario. Nice acting. Funny with a touch of drama. On a totally different vibe from most other productions.

The actors. Natasha Lyonne uses her rebellious nature to great effect. Alan Arkin plays the dysfunctional father just right. Marisa Tomei is sweet and totally perfect as the problematic child.

The bad. The secondary characters, like the brothers, could have used a little bit more depth. The editing is a bit awkward when it comes to breasts shots, obviously done so they could use body doubles, no subtlety.

The ugly. Nothing.

The result. An offbeat film that is great for those who like the genre, but would probably be disappointing to the masses.