mercredi 12 juin 2013

To Rome with Love — Interesting tales about dreams and desires — 7*/10

To Rome with Love is an eclectic mix by Woody Allen. You find reality shoved in side by side with memory and fantasy for a surprising picture of dreams and desires battling reason and facts. If there's a moral you can take out of it, it's probably: don't take yourself or life too seriously.

The good. Sincere and very interesting story that works to make us think. Nicely paced scenario. Solid dialogs.

The actors. A star studded cast with nice results. I'll just name a few here: Penélope Cruz, Ellen Page, Jesse Eisenberg, Alec Baldwin, and Roberto Benigni.

The bad. Nothing.

The ugly. Nothing.

The result. A nice change of pace from most films produced these days.