lundi 24 juin 2013

Ocean's Twelve — The interest lies mainly in continuing the story — 6*/10

Ocean's Twelve is the sequel to Ocean's Eleven, but doesn't stand up to its predecessor in terms of quality.

The good. Interesting story and capers. Nice action and dialogs.

The actors. Pretty much the same performance as the first installment except that the script didn't give them parts that were as solid. Simply add Catherine Zeta-Jones to the party with a well played part, and a cameo by Bruce Willis.

The bad. Not telling the story doesn't make an intrigue. An intrigue is built by revealing the facts but not the connections. Plus, there's a number of logical flaws in the scenario.

The ugly. The whole Roberts and Willis encounter is totally ridiculous and occupies way too much time.

The result. Basic entertainment that would interest mainly those who liked the original and wanted to know what happens next.