lundi 24 juin 2013

Stargate — Nice science-fiction entertainment — 7*/10

Stargate is, as far as I'm concerned, better than the original TV series, which I've watched a couple of time without really getting interested, but then I'm not a fan.

The good. Very imaginative settings and alien technology. Beautiful photography. Nicely paced scenario. Interesting story with a solid background.

The actors. Kurt Russell is right in his element, and didn't need to show the limits of his short acting range. James Spader is the most interesting character, and plays it well. Mili Avital is pretty, innocent, and plays her sweet role really nicely. Erick Avari, though, is my favorite of the cast and offers us a very convincing performance as the primitive priest-leader faced with powerful strangers. And finally, you can see some of the antics of French Stewart.

The bad. Very low army credibility. The intro village miniature is of poor quality. The special effects are getting a bit old, but they were done in such a way as to minimize the aging and still be well received these days.

The ugly. That desert beast puppet is just terrible. The chevrons are flimsy.

The result. Good entertainment, recommended to sci-fi fans.