dimanche 3 mars 2013

The Tailor of Panama — A bad element in international espionage — 8*/10

The Tailor of Panama is, in term of international spying, the antithesis of the James Bond movies. The only similarities are the high stakes and the involvement of MI-6. Ironically the main role is played by a former Bond actor, Pierce Brosnan.

In this flick, Brosnan is in a role quite different from his usual cast. Here, he's not likable, not even a little, and he plays it well. You might say he's still a scoundrel, but this time, bearing the full negative connotation. Geoffrey Rush is very good as the deluded tailor. Jamie Lee Curtis, in the minor role of his wife, is not shining at her best, but her performance is good.

The premise of the movie is excellent, the story that supports almost as good, as is the scenario. You'll be swept in by the intrigue and the machinations, wondering how it will all end. The final unraveling is quite surprising.

I recommend it, but do not expect a feel good film. It is not for everybody. It has no action, and you'll will face the unlikable and underhanded range of human endeavors. It is all deceit.