dimanche 24 mars 2013

The Bourne Supremacy — Get back in the saddle for an other great ride — 9*/10

The Bourne Supremacy takes place two years after the its very successful predecessor The Bourne Identity. It's the same concept and it picks up where the other left. So, however you felt about the first installment, you'll feel the same about this one.

This time, the action is much more global, moving around the world. The stakes are a bit higher. The CIA team is much bigger. The action roller coaster ride is more intense. The romance is out of the picture. The story is less dark and a tiny fraction less serious.

Matt Damon is just as good as in the previous episode. I wish we'd seen more of Franka Potente, because I like her and her character. Joan Allen plays her bitchy role pretty well. Brian Cox's character is the one you want to slap around this time. And Julia Stiles is perfect in the reprise of her small role. I love her in that movie, and she has the best line of the whole ensemble.

What I didn't like. Those dream sequences, a bit lame and badly put together. There's also that FSB agent that is just too one-dimensional.

An other great action flick.