mardi 5 mars 2013

Starship Troopers — Glorious sci-fi action without being too serious about it — 7*/10

Starship Troopers is a science-fiction action flick that is also a little caricature of itself. You can't take it seriously, or you'll be missing the point, really. The bravado is exaggerated, the undertakings are epic, and the army isn't very bright.

That being said, the future it depicts is an interesting take, and it was well exploited and presented.

I love Casper Van Dien, Dina Meyer, Neil Patrick Harris, and Michael Ironside in their respective roles. They really give this flick all its flair. You want to slap some sense in Denise Richards' character and kick her co-pilot's ass, but that's what the director had obviously in mind. All in all, it's a nice cast.

Now, this movie has a special dichotomy: most of the CGI are very well done, whereas some of sets especially when it comes to shuttles, interior or exterior, look a little bit on the cheap side. Maybe it's a question of bad design, but it's weird.

Anyway, it's good entertainment, especially if you like sci-fi and action.