vendredi 1 mars 2013

The Thomas Crown Affair — Stealing high stake loot for fun, then seducing your opponent — 7*/10

The Thomas Crown Affair is an impossibly rich man stealing an extremely valuable painting with an elaborate scheme. It's your typical gentleman heist story, but with a sexy hard ass insurance investigator romance, and a sensible slightly overreacting cop. It's fun, exciting, surprising, and peppered with action.

Good acting. Pierce Brosnan is perfect as the ultra confident Wall Street success. Rene Russo plays an incredible hard ass and very sexy bounty hunter. Denis Leary is completely relatable as the twitchy cop. Rich settings, interesting dialogs, captivating story, and nice stimulating score.

There's a few small logical flaws in the scenario, but they are easily overlooked.

It's good entertainment, watch it.