samedi 2 mars 2013

Garden State — A young man's emotionless life being challenged in the face of change — 9*/10

Garden State is a low key movie about the importance of emotions and living your life.

Nice score with excellent editing and photography make for a great ambience. It's simple, yet effective. You get quickly plunged in the world of the main character and see with his eyes. Life is messed up, but you have to start making sense of yours at some point. The story is a short and important journey in his life, and the details are at times funny, but always interesting.

As a writer-director playing the main role of this flick, Zach Braff did an incredible job. I like him as an actor, but I didn't know he had the talent for the rest. Playing opposite him is the talented Natalie Portman, and Peter Sarsgaard, who both deliver a very good performance. I'm not sure about the quality of Ian Holm work's here, it's difficult to say, but at least on par with the rest of the cast who did a good job.

The only negative thing I could say is that the very final moment is off from the rest of the movie.

If you want to see something different that will make you think and have a few laughs with a touch of romance, this is it.