dimanche 3 mars 2013

Demolition Man — In a not so distant future the world is a better place... or is it? — 8*/10

Demolition Man imagined a future based on the 1992 Los Angeles riots getting worse, and how society would have degenerated from there. This lead to a quite interesting setting, with very imaginative ideas. It also brings forward a subjects that is still current: freedom versus security.

The movie has a ton of action, opening big, lots of laugh, way too many easy quip from the protagonists, and an interesting story. The theme song is quite catchy. The costumes are well thought out, just like the architecture and the vehicle designs.

Sandra Bullock sparkles with innocence, is beautiful, and extremely funny, probably the funniest of the cast. That film really introduced her to the big screen before making her splash in Speed.

It's one of my favorite role for Sylvester Stallone. I like it when he doesn't play something too serious and yet kicks ass. Wesley Snipes has played better, but still, he's funny, and really gives us a nice run for our money.

This is an excellent light action flick, you won't be disappointed.