samedi 9 mars 2013

Unforgiven — A gritty, dirty, realistic western where abuse is repaired with money — 10*/10

Unforgiven is a gritty realistic western in which Clint Eastwood displays his incredible talent as a director and as an actor.

The photography is amazing. The story is captivating and touching. There are no excess, just what it takes to tell this sad tale to its fullest. The sets and costumes are dirty and plunge us into the far west in an instant. Each character is well developed, and rich. Each actor well assigned to his role. Any other choices would make for a totally different movie. Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman hit their mark just as perfectly as Eastwood.

It is a simple tale, but of epic meaning, where survival brings around conflicting morales. It is violent, but all the action is realistically portrayed without any excess of blood.

A must.