vendredi 1 mars 2013

Laws of Attraction — High priced divorce lawyers go after each other and are attracted to each other — 8*/10

Laws of Attraction is a movie about opposites attract. It's funny, putting the antagonist at odds in scenes after scenes and numerous high stakes divorces. It has romance fairly well sprinkled, and just a tiny bit of emotional drama. The settings are beautiful and the scenario engrossing.

Julianne Moore plays to perfection an adorably anxious control freak lawyer with a self-esteem problem and a perfect record. She preaches the benefits of divorce, doesn't believe in marriage, and is commitment phobic. Pierce Brosnan's lawyer character has just as much a pristine record, but is more relax and chaotic. He doesn't believe in divorce and is a romantic at heart. Surprisingly, this more bohemian persona fits him well, and he gives a good performance.

The piece might not be extremely inventive, as story goes, but it's interesting. The "lie" doesn't rear its ugly head, but the "irredeemable act" makes a brief appearance to change the course of the scenario, and is well handled without too much reproach.

It's good funny romance. It will melt your heart. See it.