vendredi 8 mars 2013

Chasing Amy — Very emotional and unusual romance with some jokes and a bit of tragedy — 8*/10

Chasing Amy is about the one that got away, and how stupid and hurtful we can be when we're confronted something that test the limit of our knowledge. Romance with a few gags, a tragedy, a movie where you can stop and think. What would you have done? Personally, I think the girl and the black guy are very wise. The two white dudes are pure vanilla stupid.

The emotional scenes are touching, and the dialogs are as solid as Kevin Smith can make them. The story is captivating with nice novel ideas, and the maturity of the treatment in the subject matter is beyond reproach.

Joey Lauren Adams is little known as actresses go, but she gives us a powerful and very emotional performance. Ben Affleck might not be at his best, but it is still a pretty good performance. While you just want to slap some sense into Jason Lee's character, he plays the uncouth badmouth with little respect like a pro.

The only little negative thing I would have to say, is that the "lie" rear up it's ugly head as a plot development.

Looking for a nice romance with an offbeat sentiment and you don't mind if it's not as slick as the high budget flicks Hollywood produces? This is yours. Try it.