lundi 22 avril 2013

Armageddon — The Earth is to be obliterated and the US save the world — 6*/10

Armageddon was a blockbuster and still is good entertainment.

The good. Lots of action, explosions, heroics, and a taut suspense. You get cool gadgets, astronauts, one cosmonaut, some bad russian accent, a crazy crew, and an excellent score.

The actors. Bruce Willis is still in his action hero phase, not having yet matured, but still good. Billy Bob Thornton is right on target. Ben Affleck as yet to reach his peak, yet delivers a solid performance. Liv Tyler easily tugs at our heart strings. Steve Buscemi and Michael Clarke Duncan are hilarious and perfect. And finally, you don't see enough of Owen Wilson in his small role.

The bad. The amount of testosterone contained in this film could put an 80s East German female swimmer to shame. Logic, laws of physics, and general scientific thinking seemed to have been set aside to build the scenario. Nothing holds up to even the barest of scrutiny.

The ugly. That's some ultra US-centric flick. It's gag worthy. More over, the word "god" is repeated so many times, you'd think it's a recruiting video.

The result. Excellent brain dead explosive entertainment for the whole family. Don't expect more and you'll love it.