vendredi 26 avril 2013

Malèna — What a woman has to go through in life if she doesn't fit — 6*/10

Malèna is the story of being too alluring in a small town during World War 2.

The good. Very nice settings. Well rounded characters. A nice point of view. Attaching scenario. Good score.

The actors. Monica Bellucci plays her role to perfection, but it doesn't stretch her abilities much since her role is almost silent and relies heavily on her beauty, except for one very dramatic scene. It's a small if central role for her. Giuseppe Sulfaro plays his role just right. The rest of the cast seems to be playing it a bit over caricatural, but it looks to be part of the vision of the director, unless I'm just not getting some flavor of the Italian culture, which could honestly be the case.

The bad. Although the story is interesting, it's a bit bland. It brings together a lot of different ideas that have been treated in other movies, so there's nothing really new.

The ugly. Nothing ugly if only the actions of the townspeople.

The result. A slice of life of a small Italian town during the last great war with lots of gossips.