mercredi 24 avril 2013

Ruby Sparks — Beware what you long for, you might not like what you will do — 8*/10

Ruby Sparks is a refreshing take on the romance movie.

The good. It takes the road less traveled with many situation where you'd react exactly the same even though it starts with your basic love lorn guy. The dialogs are interesting. The characters are well developed with good emotional depth and very down to earth realistic reactions. The scenario has many unusual takes. The story is interesting and once you're on board, you want to know what's coming next.

The actors. Paul Dano is incredibly well suited to his role and gives us an incredible performance easily showing us the depth of his character. Zoe Kazan is just as well suited to interpret her complex role. She makes us laugh, love, and cringe as if she had cast a spell on us.

The meh. I'm not sure the end scene in the park is appropriate, seems easy, but Dano sells it us so well, we have no choice but accept it.

The bad and the ugly. Nothing really.

The result. The movie is very light in term of cast and set, but it seems fairly appropriate to the subject. So don't expect stunning deployment or action and you'll have a good experience.