dimanche 28 avril 2013

The Romantics — Complex relationships casting a shadow over the reasons we marry — 8*/10

The Romantics presents a wedding occasion that is as messy, as complicated, and as unglamorous as life really is without exaggerations. It's a sad tale.

The good. Straight forward and realistic. Interesting story. Well built background history. Sound characters with real flaws and qualities. Nicely meshed lives. Very involved scenario. Solid ending.

The actors. Excellent cast. The best performances are given to us by the two opposites played by Katie Holmes and Anna Paquin. However, let's not forget the solid performances by Josh Duhamel as the top dog groom, Malin Akerman as the flaky actress, Elijah Wood as the messed up brother, and Candice Bergen as the anxious mother.

The bad. It's stark, so it's probably not for everyone.

The ugly. I can't find anything.

The result. A film that captures your attention for its realism.